1. Hiring a Contractor? First Ask These 5 Questions

    As Marin County’s premier local source for licensed and insured electricians, we have the knowledge necessary to help local families safely select contractors to work on their home. Whether you’re working with Divine Electric, or any other Marin County electricians, be sure to consider requesting these things from any and all contractors you consider hiring: Hire only state-licensed contractor…Read More

  2. Always Use Permits & Inspections, Part 2

    In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of always using permits and inspections for any electrical home modifications. Since most large-scale home improvement projects involve installing electrical components in some way, this means permits and inspections are highly necessary. In addition to keeping your home’s value and your family safe, there are other reasons that you should always…Read More

  3. Always Use Permits & Inspections

    Planning a renovation or change in your home is an exciting time. There are a lot of odds and ends to look after whenever you take on any home project. With these come a lot of opportunities for increasing the value of your home, both to your family and to any future buyers. However, there are also potential pitfalls to avoid as well, and it often seems far easier to make mistakes than to fix them…Read More

  4. More DIY Mistakes to Avoid

    In our previous post, DIY Electrical Mistakes to Avoid, we discussed three common blunders homeowners make when trying to fix electrical troubles. Unfortunately, the list isn’t limited to only three! Here are a few more challenges to be wary of when trying to solve any electrical issues in your home: Wire Straps Be cautious not to nail NM wire straps too tightly. Remember, installing NM wiring i…Read More

  5. DIY Electrical Mistakes to Avoid

    Without a doubt, there are small electrical things in your home you can do yourself. For example, we trust you to change your own light bulbs when they burn out. However, some tasks are a bit more challenging and are better left to the experts. Make sure you are wary of these do-it-yourself mistakes homeowners often make. Wire Size Be careful of wire size! We don’t just mean the physical size; w…Read More

  6. New Kitchen Appliances

    One of the most popular things for a new homeowner to do is to renovate the home, and for many people this process begins in the kitchen. In Marin County, though, the majority of the homes in the area were built decades ago, and that means there is a strong chance that these homes are in need of electrical upgrades including electrical panel replacement. The reason for this is many modern applianc…Read More

  7. Electrical Inspections You Can Trust

    Buying a home is a monumental decision that involves a great deal of research. Not only is it important to understand the local real estate market in order to determine a fair price point, it is also critical to understand the true shape of the home you intended to purchase. While a majority of a home’s flaws will be documented during a home inspection, many home inspectors have ties to real est…Read More

  8. Benefits of Level 2 Home Charging Stations for EVs

    Electric vehicles are becoming so popular that there are now long waits for the latest models rolling off the lines. Not only are modern companies such as Tesla pushing the boundaries of what an electric car can do, but classic American auto manufacturers such as Ford and Chevy have joined the race to build superior electric vehicles. With so many options on the market, it is obvious that EVs are …Read More

  9. Add Dimmer Switches To Your Home

    One of the best reasons to live in Marin County is to enjoy the more than 250 days of sunshine a year. With a higher than average amount of sunny days, many people in the area look to minimize their use of electricity and supplement it with natural light whenever possible. One popular way to better control the lighting in your home is by adding dimmer switches. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust …Read More

  10. USB Charging Outlet Electrical Upgrades

    We are in the technology age. But is your home? Are your counters cluttered with USB device cords? Do you have various charging locations due to a lack of outlets? Do you use temporary extension cords to plug in your electronics and charge your devices? Maybe when your device is on ‘low battery’ you find yourself using the device while plugged in? With the technology age comes solutions to the…Read More