1. Do Electric Cars and Home EV Chargers Save Money?

    You probably don’t consider it when you’re tallying up your expenses at the end of the month, but transportation is really a very expensive part of running a household. When combining the cost of gas, as well as the average need for maintenance on your car and the potential of needing to get a new one, you’re already looking at a pretty high cost. That’s not considering travel expenses for…Read More

  2. Why Installing Electric Car Charging Stations Is Lucrative for Small Business

    As a business owner, you don’t have to be overly conscious of your environmental footprint to be interested in an electric car charging station. Recently, this amenity has started to become regarded as a definite perk over other businesses. As a small business, you have a definite advantage over your big corporate competitors in that you don’t have to run a decision past six or seven different…Read More

  3. Outdoor Lighting

    With the winter weighing heavy on our minds, and with all of us suffering vitamin-D deficiencies, it’s hard not to think of the outdoors being lovely and summery and what landscaping projects you can take on to optimize the livability of your backyard. Thus, we figured we’d hit you before the rest of the home improvement blogs and chat about what your spring and summer yard can look like with …Read More

  4. Your Electricity After a Flood

    Assessing electrical systems after a flood Greetings people of Marin County and welcome back to the best electrical blog on the west coast. If you’ve been paying attention to pretty much any outlet of news, then you’re probably well aware of how Mother Nature has quite literally been smacking the crap out of the United States. Between the devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida, and the ra…Read More

  5. Why Get an Electric Vehicle?

    Marin County is known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to environmentalism in the United States. Are we the greenest we could possibly be? No, of course not; but, on average, we do our best to do right by the planet, especially when there is an incentive to enjoy a solid ROI while doing so. That is the case with the growing number of electric vehicles you’re seeing in Marin County. If …Read More

  6. Mounting New Light Fixtures

    In our previous blog, we wrote about how to move a chained light fixture by installing an easy-to-use swag hook, but what do you do if a swag hook alone won’t be enough to relocate your light source? Once you call Marin County’s trusted residential electricians at Divine Electric, they’ll help you by employing the following fixture hanging techniques. Light Fixture Relocation & Placement…Read More

  7. Replacing House Wiring

    Nobody wants to find out that they need to update their home’s wiring out of the blue. It isn’t a good feeling, and often can be a large hit to a household’s budget if they are caught off guard. By knowing when or why wiring needs to be replaced, we hope to help Marin County residents in making informed, safe decisions for their family. Safety Issues There are a few safety issues that can pr…Read More

  8. Landscape Lighting Strategies

    When laying out landscape lighting, a clear vision is necessary to ensure that the effect increases curb appeal, safety, and the value of your home. When done correctly, landscape and home lighting can greatly increase your home’s wow factor. To ensure that your future landscape lighting project is a success consider these simple tips: Assess The Usage Do you intend to use your outdoor space at …Read More

  9. Choosing Landscaping Lights

    Illuminating your lawn, house, and landscaping is a crucial step in creating a truly impressive curb appeal. Lighting up the lawn is more complicated than it may seem at a perfunctory glance; there is a lot more to creating a wow factor than just buying some solar lighting at the department store. There are a few things to keep in mind before considering any landscaping electrical implementation t…Read More

  10. 5 More Tips For Home Electrical Safety

    In a continuation of our previous blog post on electrical safety, here are 5 more tips on keeping your home safe from Divine Electric! In order to keep you and your family safe, be certain that your outlets have switch covers that are keeping the wires from being exposed. While there are very few electrical issues in the home that do not require a residential electrician, this is one area which yo…Read More