A banner for your electricity after a flood.

Assessing electrical systems after a flood

Greetings people of Marin County and welcome back to the best electrical blog on the west coast. If you’ve been paying attention to pretty much any outlet of news, then you’re probably well aware of how Mother Nature has quite literally been smacking the crap out of the United States. Between the devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida, and the ravishing fires that have been burning millions of acres in the northwest, it’s difficult to feel safe. Divine Electric sends our thoughts out to the people who have been affected.

In lieu of storms and flooding, we thought today would be a good time to discuss some of the ways that you can keep safe around your home in case it’s right in the brunt of a rainy mess. We all know two things: water and electricity can’t be trusted together. Here’s how to stay safe.

Stay Away from Floodwater

If your home has been flooded with water, the last thing you should do is go near it. Not only is it dangerous and potentially filled with pathogens, but the particles that the water picked up are going to be especially conducive to electricity. In the unfortunate event that a powerline has fallen down, you could electrocute yourself if you step into the water. This is especially true for you intoxicated folks who think that a flood is like a big swimming pool. Don’t do it.

Don’t Turn on Appliances that Could Be Wet

If your home was flooded even slightly, it’s important to remain as cautious as possible when assessing damage, especially in regards to electrical appliances. It might seem logical to turn them on to see if they still work, but this could result in electrocution. Most household appliances that run off of electricity aren’t designed to function after being wet. Before attempting to use the appliance, have it inspected. And, if it’s something that you can afford to replace, we recommend just disposing of it properly.

Stay Away From Areas that Are Still Wet

In many houses, especially those that are older, the wiring is laid under the carpeting or flooring. That being said, if you’re in one of these homes and you’ve just experienced flooding, stay far away from these areas. Any faulty wiring that isn’t coated in a protective sheath can essentially electrify the damp surface. Stepping on it is a recipe for disaster. We highly recommend avoiding the wet carpeting until it’s fully dried. Then, contact your residential electrician to assess the damage and give recommendations.

Avoid Electrical Systems

When water seeps into circuit breakers and fuses, they are likely going to sustain damage and aren’t going to be safe. It’s best to contact a professional to look at the electrical systems and make recommendations. Don’t attempt to use them or use them on your own!

Use your best judgment when dealing with electricity, especially after your home was flooded. For any assistance with your home’s electricity, please contact your residential electricians of Marin County at Divine Electric NorCal!