Nobody wants to find out that they need to update their home’s wiring out of the blue. It isn’t a good feeling, and often can be a large hit to a household’s budget if they are caught off guard. By knowing when or why wiring needs to be replaced, we hope to help Marin County residents in making informed, safe decisions for their family.

Safety Issues

There are a few safety issues that can prompt homeowners to immediately upgrade wiring. If your residential electrician comes back with any of the following as a diagnosis, then you know it’s a serious issue that should be dealt with right away:

  • Deteriorating protection – While old wiring may not be inherently dangerous, it definitely is if the protective layers are wearing or worn. This can quickly escalate into a personal danger for your family and a fire hazard for your home.
  • Failing to meet code – If you are planning a renovation and discover old wiring that was hidden or neglected in a previous upgrade, then you will likely need to shell out the cost to replace this hazard before passing inspection.
  • Aluminum wiring – Used in the 60s and 70s sporadically, aluminum wiring is one of the most dangerous things to find inside of a home’s walls. Connections loosen over time, creating a “replace now or replace later” scenario.
  • Easily overloaded system – Whether your electrical panel itself needs upgrading, or the wires leading to it are somehow wrong, this can quickly become a safety issue as well.

Get the Best

If you’ve gotten the news from another local electrician and want a second opinion, feel free to call Divine Electric. Our master electricians happily help Marin County residents with electrical issues large and small everyday, and would be glad to guide you through your options.

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