Recently, the Tesla company announced their latest innovation when they released information their new electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3 sedan. One of the reasons that Tesla has been such a popular maker of EVs is the extensive vehicle range of over 200 miles per charge. While this has made Tesla a leader in the EV community, many other electric cars are still being purchased that have travel ranges under 100 miles. These models are very popular with folks who do not have to do much driving on a daily basis as well as customers who are able to install EV charging stations in their homes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular electric vehicles on the road today!

VW e-Golf Volkswagon has long been one of the most popular automobile imports, and in Marin County, they are a popular choice for an electric car. Combining 5-passenger seating with an estimated 83 miles per charge, the VW e-Golf is a leading entry-level EV. Owners would greatly benefit from installing a home charging station.

Kia Soul EV Another popular import, the Soul EV is Kia’s first foray into electric vehicles. Because the Kia Soul EV also has an estimated range under 100 miles, it is another electric car whose owners might be interested in EV home charger installation.

Chevrolet Volt Although it only has an estimated vehicle range of 53 miles, the Chevy Volt is extremely popular with Marin County residents who don’t need to drive far. And with a home charger installed by Divine Electric, your Volt will be ready to get back on the road in no time.

Most Level 2 home charging stations do require electrical installation from a licensed electrician because these EV chargers require a home circuit breaker capable of handling 40 amps. For more information on EV home charging stations and house wiring, please see our earlier blog post!