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In our previous blog, we wrote about how to move a chained light fixture by installing an easy-to-use swag hook, but what do you do if a swag hook alone won’t be enough to relocate your light source? Once you call Marin County’s trusted residential electricians at Divine Electric, they’ll help you by employing the following fixture hanging techniques.

Light Fixture Relocation & Placement Basics

First things first, there is a difference between hanging a new fixture in the same location, moving the location of an existing fixture to re-install or replace it in a new location, and creating an altogether new place for a fixture to hang from; while hanging a fixture is basically the same, getting the power source to where you want it is what often takes most of your electrician’s time.

Getting Started

First and foremost, your residential electrician will ensure the power is turned off at the breaker for the area you’ll be working in, and perhaps adjacent rooms if you’re unsure whether or not electrical lines run in the ceiling above any areas in which your electrician will be working. From there, removing any old light fixtures and determining the placement of a new fixture would follow; of course, before you move an old fixture, you’ll want to have the new one purchased, on-hand, and maybe even assembled (ask your electrician ahead of time).

Relocating the Box

Above every light fixture is a “box,” which is basically a place for the wires to be split and connect to your fixture, while also anchoring it to, and against, the ceiling for support. The box is what gives your light the power it needs and keeps it from crashing down on your dining room table, so this is definitely not something you’ll want to DIY. If you’re moving a box within the same room, your electrician will have to discern which direction your joists run, then determine whether or not a ceiling joist will interfere with (as in be directly upon) where your future box will go. For this reason, it may be wise to place your table, island, or other furniture centered upon a void between two joists (whenever possible), before you contact an electrician for your fixture placement. If the box will run inside the same joist, you’ll be in luck and the placement should take very little time; crossing joists will require your electrician to drill and fish through the line, which will take more time and effort.

Mounting Your Fixture

When mounting your light fixture, your residential electrician will need to first install the box and all including mounting materials with your particular fixture. Typically, light fixtures require at least minor assembly, which can take anywhere from a minute or two to an hour or more, depending on fixture complication and desired hanging length. To correctly assemble your fixture, your electrician will match the hanging chain and/or pole length to the desired length before attempting attempting to hang the fixture. From there, they’ll match up the white, black, and grounding wires to the box above, place the hanging bracket cap over the top to keep all wires safely in the box above, and then secure the fixture itself to the mounting bracket. There are plenty of ways for this process to become more complicated, including the nature of the wires and how they run through the poles, the quality of the fixture, and, of course, the height at which the fixture will hang from. Finally, once the fixture itself is secured, all that is left is place and position all of the bulbs, then you’ll be ready to go!

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