When laying out landscape lighting, a clear vision is necessary to ensure that the effect increases curb appeal, safety, and the value of your home. When done correctly, landscape and home lighting can greatly increase your home’s wow factor.

To ensure that your future landscape lighting project is a success consider these simple tips:

Assess The Usage

Do you intend to use your outdoor space at night, and is there practical need for your lighting project beyond a boost in curb appeal? If so, begin with planning out the necessary lighting for your patio or evening recreational areas. Additionally, consider solutions for illuminating your driveway and any walking paths. It is best to begin with these and build your lighting strategy up from these elements.

Analyze Day & Night

This may seem obvious, but your home and landscaping will look different at night, even with lighting installed. Planning and positioning your lights only in the daytime will likely lead to certain things being over-lit, causing heavy shadows or a displeasing amount of brightness. The opposite is true as well, if things are under-lit, then you will have uncovered patches in your overall lighting scheme. By assessing your home’s strengths in the daytime and testing lighting strategies in the evening, you will have a much stronger overall lighting strategy. It is possible that areas that look lackluster in the daytime can look amazing at night, and you will only know by experimenting!

It is important to note that all landscape lighting installation and maintenance should be done only by a certified residential electrician.

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