Illuminating your lawn, house, and landscaping is a crucial step in creating a truly impressive curb appeal. Lighting up the lawn is more complicated than it may seem at a perfunctory glance; there is a lot more to creating a wow factor than just buying some solar lighting at the department store. There are a few things to keep in mind before considering any landscaping electrical implementation that could make for a more impressive presentation–the first time.

Consider Your Options

It is crucial to begin the process by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your lawn, landscaping, trees, and overall curb appeal. If a particular piece of the puzzle looks great in the daytime, odds are it can look even better with well-placed lighting at night. Transversely, areas of your landscaping that are normally mundane, can shine for you when you’re finished with lighting.

Prior to contacting a residential electrician, consider how you want your home illuminated, for which there a few basic options:

  • Up-lighting shines light upward, typically from various spotlights planted in the ground. This can create a bold effect, especially when illuminating the front of your home.
  • Down-lighting, also called moonlighting because of its full-moon like effect on landscaping. Lights are usually mounted on the home or in a tree to illuminate walkways, driveways, or subtle illumination of landscaping elements.
  • Cross-lighting shines multiple lights at a single object from differing angles to control or reduce shadowing effects. This lighting is particularly effective for highlighting trees after dark.


The best lighting solutions will be tailored to the strengths of your home’s curb appeal, and should subtly show the beauties of the property. This effect is typically created using a combination of the aforementioned lighting methods.

Note: It is important that only a certified residential electrician place and maintain the power lines for your landscaping lighting.

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