In a continuation of our previous blog post on electrical safety, here are 5 more tips on keeping your home safe from Divine Electric!

  • In order to keep you and your family safe, be certain that your outlets have switch covers that are keeping the wires from being exposed. While there are very few electrical issues in the home that do not require a residential electrician, this is one area which you could do yourself. In addition to being certain that your outlets are covered, use plastic plugs to safely cover unused outlets. This will greatly reduce the risk of someone accidentally being shocked and harmed by your electrical service, such as your children.
  • As you are checking to see if your outlets are properly covered, you should see if they are hot to the touch. If so, call a residential electrician because there is probably something wrong with your house wiring. The wiring in your Marin County home could be older than you think, and that means it may be time for an upgrade before the outdated wiring starts a fire.
  • In addition to being sure your outlets are properly covered, you could provide more safety to your home when it is equipped with GFCI outlets. These outlets cut off power when there is a problem. For assistance with electrical installation, call a residential electrician.
  • This may seem obvious, but water and electrical services should never mix. If you have appliances in your bathroom, be sure to keep them and their wires away from faucets and areas in your bathroom which collect water.
  • This also goes for handling an electrical fire. In the event that an electrical fire occurs in your home, do not attempt to put it out with water. Instead, be sure that you keep a working fire extinguisher in your home.

If you have electrical tips or suggestions you’d like to share, please leave a comment!