When it comes to the electrical services of your Marin County home, the best thing to do is leave it to the professionals. Electricity is both powerful and dangerous, and it is important for a residential electrician to handle problems in your home. However, homeowners can do a number of things themselves before calling an electrician to help with electrical safety around the home. Check out these four electrical safety tips from Divine Electric today.

  • Check the electrical cords of both your appliances as well as any extension cords you may be using in your home. If the cords show signs of fraying or have exposed wires, then it is time to replace them.
  • If you find that you are in need of additional outlets to handle your appliances, do not attempt to create a fix on your own by overloading outlets or using multiple power strips. Instead, call a residential electrician to have outlets professionally installed. Not only is having the additional outlet worth the money, you can be certain the job is done right which helps protect your home and your family.
  • Always be certain to use light bulbs that match the appropriate wattage for the light fixtures and lamps in your home. Using a light bulb that consumes more power than your fixture can handle can cause serious electrical problems, including fires.
  • In the event that your home does have an electrical issue that causes a circuit breaker to trip, it is important to call an electrician. When your fuses blow, that means you have a problem that needs to be professionally resolved. Keep you and your family safe by having an electrician diagnosis the problem and offer a solution.

Check back soon for more electrical safety tips, or leave a comment below to share your tips today!