Divine Electric’s trademarked On-Code Safety Systems is here to protect your home and family.

Why is something as serious as “fire-safety” and “child-safety” just left to keeping your fingers crossed? Divine Electric’s technicians are trained to identify and recommend solutions for seven safety systems for you and your home’s continued safe functionality.

Did you know that our electricians can radically improve air quality by eliminating drafts and harmful insulation exposure within your home’s ceilings and walls?  Did you ever want a solution for ungrounded wiring within your home?  Did you ever consider protecting your investment in your home’s kitchen appliances, office, TV and entertainment equipment, washer & dryer, and air conditioning units by using a low cost whole-home surge protector?  How about making your home’s driveway and entrance more safe and secure by adding motion activated lights or in-ground landscape lighting?

Divine Electric’s technicians are experts in the following electric systems:

  1. Fire Safety Systems
  2. Health/Air Quality Systems
  3. Child Safety Systems
  4. Electrical Distribution Safety Systems
  5. Whole-Home Grounding Safety Systems
  6. Whole-Home Surge Protection Systems
  7. Security Safety Systems

As a premium service provider, it’s our professional duty to be a window to the “On-Code Safety Systems” that provide you and your family the best safety protection, even if we don’t earn your business.

1. Fire Safety Systems:

Smoke detectors as per code (110 volt and 9 volt options).
Carbon monoxide detectors as per code (110 volt and 9 volt options).
Fire sprinkler relay to smoke detectors (110 volt relay + wiring to interconnected smoke detector units).

2. Health Safety Systems:

‘Air-Tight’ air quality sealed LED Trims for all recessed cans
‘Air-Tight’ air quality sealed gaskets for switch and outlet boxes.

3. Child Safety Systems:

Childproof tamper resistant outlets at children bedroom(s).
Childproof tamper resistant outlets at throughout interior living spaces.

4. Electrical Distribution Safety Systems:

Code compliant location and good condition power distribution equipment.
Equipment load balance within compliance.
Non corrosive treatment for all aluminum conductors.
Unsafe Federal Pacific power distribution equipment upgrade.
Unsafe Zinsco/Sylvania power distribution equipment upgrade.

5. Whole Home Grounding Safety Systems:

Ground rod protection as per code.
Water main service connection as per code.
Bonding all water and gas pipes as per code.

6. Whole Home Surge Protection Safety Systems:

Standard whole-home surge protection.
Premium whole-home surge protection.

7. Security Safety Systems:

Motion detector activated flood lights.
Photo-cell/sun activated lights.
Timer/timer switch programmed lights.
Wifi/Bluetooth switch programmed lights.
Wireless security camera(s).
Wired security camera(s).
Ring camera doorbell kit (wired and wireless).
12 volt driveway, pathway, and landscape lighting.

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