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For the sake of both Marin County and the Earth as a whole, Divine Electric really hopes that Tesla survives this tumultuous period. Like Forbes, we also believe that the large-scale transition to electric vehicles relies quite a bit on Tesla’s success as a company. Especially since the number of EVs sold by the end of this year alone will be around 60 percent Tesla vehicles. If the hope for EV cars will survive, or at the very least, become a reality in less than 10 years, then we’ll need Tesla to pull through. Unfortunately, that might rely solely on the Tony Stark wannabe Elon Musk.

The Tesla Journey

Back in 2008, Tesla only supported a rather minor factory in Silicon Valley. It was mere months after Elon Musk finally took over and they were impressive only for their ambition. By 2010, however, the company became the first auto manufacturer in 60 years to launch an IPO. Thus, the company’s stock soared and their brand earned their name. At this point, they’ve reached a market capitalization of around $50 billion dollars which is equivalent to General Motors and Ford.  But while they’ve seen this large influx of cash and food fortune there is a notable issue with the company’s cash flow. They’ve struggled, in general, to maintain an adequate cash flow, meet their own targets and navigate potential manufacturing blocks. This is specifically due to the trouble they’re having of meeting the consumer and stockholder’s expectations of satisfying the demands for Tesla’s Model 3, their widely popular sedan. In combination with Elon Musk’s erratic public behavior, certain people are jumping to the conclusion that the company might be on the brink of large-scale failure.

The Status of EV Technology

In places that are less concerned with the environment than Marin County and California in general, EV is fragile. It has a precarious foothold, partially because of the private sector leader— Tesla’s —cool factor and partially because of their potential price break that they can offer to savvy buyers. The bottom line is, without Teslas pulling the United States energy markets forward, we’re likely to fall back on what’s easier for car manufacturers and worse for all of us in the long term. All of the progress we’ve made on climate change, pollution and the United States’ competitiveness in these markets, which scientists still worry might not be enough to save the Earth from its eventual human-fueled destruction, would be erased.

The Potential Future Of EV Charging

The Trump administration is looking to freeze national fuel-efficiency CO2 standards which will undermine the automaker’s investments into EVs null and void. China, however, is completely on board and is beating us in every facet of EV charging and energy. They sold around half a million EVs in the first half of 2013 alone with is double the equivalent U.S. figure. In fact, China can account for around half of the Evs sold around the world and they’re beating us at electrifying larger vehicles. While California, as a state, is making efforts to move toward electrifying our industrial vehicles, we can’t compete with an entire country that’s dedicated to the future of industrialism in solar and greener energy usage.

The Advantage of Having Tesla

In short, we should all be doing everything we can to promote and help this company continue to keep ticking. They’re the heads of innovation as far as EV progress is involved. They’re entirely responsible for the over-the-air software updates, long driving ranges and fast charging solutions that have turned EVs into actual vehicles instead of a luxury toy. Their sleek, sexy design has turned EV cars into something desirable instead of something that we’re all making fun of.  If Tesla should fall, there are no potential successors to carry the torch for the EV industry.

Invest in a Home Charging EV

It’s about more than staying green. It’s about more than convenience. It’s about ensuring the United States remains a country that is paving the way to innovation and staying ahead of the curve. Contact Divine Electric Norcal to start your home EV charging installation process today.