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Why Our Local Electricians are so Special

Who do you call when your lights are flickering and there’s no ghost to blame? Who do you send for when your electricity isn’t turning back on? Who is going to come to solve all of your electrical problems? Certainly not good ole’ grandma, though she is wonderful. Unless you’re living off of firewood and kerosene lamps, then your home is probably powered through electricity. And, no matter how secure your home is and how updated your electrical work is, life happens. Between storms, floods, and chance, some sort of electrical mishap is bound to happen.

Luckily, electricians came to rise with the growing need for electricity. And, while there are some things in your home you can surely fix on your own, we highly recommend leaving the high voltage, hazardous electrical work to the professionals. Here are just a few reasons why the electricians at Divine Electric NorCal are so…divine.

We’re Experienced and Licensed

What’s better than a quality electrician who provides excellent customer service and quality electrical services? One that’s licensed. Hiring somebody who isn’t licensed and insured by their company can cost you quite the sum had an accident ever occurred. Divine Electric insures our technicians so that you’re not liable in case something unfortunate happens.

Additionally, our electricians are state certified so you could rest assured that your home’s electricity is in the right hands. In the rare event that our initial services don’t work out the way you needed them to, no worries. We offer warranty to our electrical services!

Our Customers Love Us

Our company refuses to settle for anything less than the best. We’re constantly learning the electric business and finding new ways to improve our knowledge… and it shows. Divine Electric NorCal was voted one of the best electrical companies in Marin County by Yelp users! If you don’t believe us, you have to read the reviews for yourself! Our electrical company strives for excellence because we understand the importance of quality electrical work in your home or business!

We Care About the Community

A happy community is one that offers opportunities to get together and have fun. Divine Electric developed our very own, community biking team and it has grown to include over 100 members who gather regularly and support each other’s goals. Not only is biking excellent for fitness, but it really has a way of gathering a community to participate in a constructive, and fun activity. What other electrical company has their very own biking and racing club?

We’re up to Date With the Times

The way we view vehicles is beginning to make a dramatic change and Divine Electric wants to be there every step of the way. Therefore, we’ve made it a priority to provide Electrical Vehicle charging station installations to the areas we service. Pretty cool, right?

For electrical installations or repairs, don’t hesitate to contact the pros here at Divine Electric NorCal. Our customers are our top priority and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with top tier electrical service that is sure to be Divine. Call our local electricians, today!