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Consider These Electrical Upgrades to Lower Your Electricity Bill and Save Energy

Hey there both residents of Marin County and stragglers alike, welcome back to the Divine Electric NorCal blog. In previous posts, we’ve chatted about things like why to choose an electrical vehicle and why our electrical company is absolutely divine. Our electrical company is passionate about serving people with our expertise both on and off the job.

The world is trending towards sustainability, at least for the most part. While not everyone believes that we as a country should be taking the initiative towards a greener world, we sure do. Making adjustments and updates to electrical installments in your home and business is not only a great way to do your part towards conservation, but it will also certainly save you money. It’s a win-win decision. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the electrical upgrades you can make in your home that will both lower your utilities bill and help reduce energy waste. Here are a few options:

Switch to LED lights

We’ve talked about LED lights in a previous post, but we’re bringing them back today. LED lights use up to 75% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, and last 25 times longer. By switching your light bulbs to LED, you’ll be using much less energy every time you turn on the lights, which will subsequently save you cash on your electricity bill. Additionally, because the lifespan of LED lights is much higher, you won’t need to purchase new lightbulbs as frequently.

Power Strips

You might not even realize this, but multiple appliances and electronics in your home are constantly eating up energy even when they’re turned off. Things like TVs and computers have a tendency to consume power as long as they’re plugged into an outlet. Usually, we don’t feel too inclined to go and unplug every single chord from every outlet when these items aren’t in use. One way to solve this problem is to install a powerstrip. The design of a powerstrip is one block with multiple outlets and a single cord that plugs into the wall. On the block is usually a single switch that allows you to shut off the power for all of the electronics at once, saving you both time and energy!

HVAC Maintenance

Air conditioners consume high amounts of energy to run and keep your home cool. While we don’t expect you to compromise a cool home in the middle of summer, we can recommend updating your air conditioning unit if it’s older. Older air conditioner models aren’t nearly as efficient as those that were constructed and designed in the last few years. Since people are trending towards sustainability, HVAC manufacturers are taking steps towards designing units that don’t require nearly as much electricity to run.

New Appliances

Switch appliances and electronics like microwaves and televisions out for newer versions wherever possible. These older electronics could be sucking the life out of your homes electricity. By updating to newer, more energy efficient appliances, you’ll be saving money and the planet. Additionally, you could qualify for additional tax rebates!

Thanks for reading today’s post. Check back regularly for updates and be sure to contact your local electricians for help with electrical installations and fixes!