If you’ve been playing the game sweeping the nation: Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re likely noticing the details in the game. Perhaps the open world is introducing you to vast, incredible landscapes that look a lot like the wilderness in Marin County’s backyard, or perhaps you’re looking at the strange technical innovations that were, in fact, available in 1899. As you’re riding your horse along a dirt road, you can glimpse electrical lines unfolding in every direction around you, subtle, yet present. If you go into the more metropolitan areas, you can see electrical cable cars and light fixtures that aren’t a flickering 3D-rendered candle. While all of this is fascinating, it brings an eye-catching detail into place: electricity was almost solely used for interior lighting back then.

Unlike now, where the electrical outlets and wires in your house essentially ensure that you live in the modern world and not like some strange hermit in the forest, one of the only reasons to have electrical power back then was lighting. There was actually an analysis released some time ago about how much electricity changed the way people live simply because of being able to provide more consistent lighting options. In the past, candles were expensive and it was cheaper just to go to sleep when it got dark so you wouldn’t have to light your way everywhere. With the invention of electrical lighting, everything became much more affordable, so our sleep schedules got totally thrown off-kilter and now there are lights on of some sort nearly all the time.

Holding that in mind, that means that one of the most influential things about how electricity is used is still lighting. Lighting, as we know, can totally change the way a room feels and how we interact in it. Low-lighting is romantic and mystical and so it’s used by theatre lobbies and speak-easy themed bars. Bright lighting is utilitarian and provides a sense of energy, so it’s used in office environments and creative spaces. So how can you start using lighting, and by extension electricity to enhance your living quarters? Let’s take a look.

The Purpose Of Lighting

Now that we’re not just using lighting so that we can read later into the night, it’s used in a lot more of a stylistic sense. In fact, many interior designers use lighting at the forefront of their design to amplify the effects of the overall aesthetic they’re establishing in the room. Many designers actually follow the idea that the lighting in a room can totally make or break an interior layout. To put it simply, your buttery leather couch and travertine tile around the fireplace won’t matter much if it’s not lit properly to look as luxurious as those pieces are. Thus, if you’re going to make the absolute most of your home in Marin County, then you’re going to need the right lighting design and, thus, the right electrical wiring to accomplish that goal.

Don’t Select Based On The Look

This seems like contradictory advice, but when you’re light fixture shopping for your next upgrade for your home you’ll want to avoid a few rookie mistakes, the biggest of those is buying a light fixture simply because of the way it looks. The thing you’ll need to ponder when you first enter the lights store and you’re evaluating the different options is “How will this illuminate my space?” Obviously, if you’re really in love with something, there are a few ways to get around this. For example, if you’re a fan of the mid-century modern look of a light that simply won’t be able to make your office bright enough, consider placing it in another room, potentially in a different place along the wall. Think about whether or not you’ll be able to switch out the light bulb for something that’s easier to install and what kind of light bulb you’d need to make this lighting fixture functional.

Once you start approaching lighting in a strategic manner, though, that step will come easily enough.

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