LED vs Incandescent: Is there really a difference?

If you own or rent a home, you’ve probably come across the task of having to pay an electric bill or changing a light bulb. But how many times have you wondered about what goes into the lightbulbs that you use? Not all lights are built the same and with the growing popularity of LED lights, you’re probably wondering which one might be preferable.

What are they?

LED lights consist of “light-emitting diodes” which produce light through a negative to positive current. Conversely, infrared lights emit their glow via infrared, or heat, energy.

Which is more efficient?

The way that LED lights are constructed internally via semiconductors makes them more energy efficient compared to their incandescent counterparts. Incandescent bulbs, the lights that you and your parents have probably been using for years, tend to be wasteful as they put off most of their energy in the form of heat, or infrared rays. The technology behind LED lights helped to solve for this energy expenditure, thus using less energy to light your home. By replacing your light fixtures with LED lights, you’ll likely save cash on your next energy bill. If you need help installing or replacing lights, call Divine Electric and our reliable electricians can help you out.

Which are better for the environment?

Because of the efficient nature of LED lights, much less energy is expended in order to light your home. Additionally, they last longer. This leads to less physical waste caused by throwing out and replacing burnt out bulbs. Environmentally conscious? Look into LED lights!

If you still have some questions regarding LED lights and you’re looking for help installing them, the experienced local electricians at Divine Electric NorCal are happy to assist you.