Ah, renovations. The happiest times of your life can be boiled down to a few key moments: Graduating high school, moving out, meeting that special someone, the birth of your first child, and, of course, the day their first (and last) renovation was completed. The thing with renovations is that they have this funny tendency to overstay their welcome; the largest reason that homeowner renovations stall out is undoubtedly surrounding inspections.

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The Art of Getting the Green Light

The DIYers

You decided to take on your home renovation on your own, you brave soul. Of course, the city/county will only let you do so much without proper certification, which means that you will have to hire at least one person to make sure your home is up to code and will pass the dreaded inspection. Most commonly, even the most die-hard DIYers out there have to find a certified electrician for large and small renovations alike. After all, electrical is the most pervasive system in your home, found in just about every wall that once was or will soon be; not to mention, electrical requires training to avoid injury and create a home that isn’t at risk of spontaneously catching on fire. It’s no surprise that the local government is strict about electrical, but leaving the fate of your inspection up to someone else can be nerve wracking; find an electrician your inspector will love, and marvel at how much easier your life is.

The Nuts and Bolts

At the end of the day, the local electricians you sort through need to have their priorities in the following order:

  1. Making improvements that will make your home up to code
  2. Making the improvements you want and how you want them

Unfortunately, many electricians will gladly follow your pointer finger and add in systems that will frankly not live up to the inspector’s desires. Guess what? If your inspector finds one thing at a glance, they will look a whole heck of alot harder to find more things to ding you on; this means more time spent living through a renovation and convincing your electrician to make an encore. From long before the work is done, you want to hear your electrician saying things like “Okay, here’s what we can do according to code,” or “Here’s why that won’t work without…” Anything short of this from the first visit should raise red flags right away. Even after your rough-in work is done, your local electrician should be walking you through to talk to you point-by-point what has been done, which circuit things run to and why, and how every detail was thought of to answer the inspector’s concerns. Silly as it may sound, things like nail plates placed below holes in a floor joist above and cords neatly bundled from a new outlet can put an inspector’s fears to rest before they even pop up.

Marin County’s Trusted Local Electricians

At Divine Electric, we work hard to make sure that your vision for your improved home gets realized, but only in a way that is actually possible in the current legal climate. After all, getting the outlets or price you want on electrical improvements up front only to re-do it later will cost you far more than just time (precious as that may be). When it comes to your renovation, getting it done right the first time can keep everything else on track, which is invaluable in itself; don’t risk derailing your entire renovation to settle for a head-bobbing local electrician.

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