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Whether you’re renovating your current home, building a new one, or just trying to bring some much-needed life to your home’s lighting, you’ll need to carefully plan out the future of your home’s lighting with a local electrician. Contact Divine Electric, Marin County’s most trusted source for experienced local electricians.

Optimizing Your Home’s Lighting

Know What’s Possible

While you won’t be an electrician overnight, it is important that you know the basics of what lighting can feasibly achieve. For instance, recessed can lighting will have a much different effect than under-cabinet lighting, hanging lights, wall lights, etc. By understanding which areas of your home need lighting the most, how to best provide that lighting, and, ultimately, how your local electrician will make that dream a reality are all crucial to achieving a fantastic finished product.

Mix and Match

By using a variety of lighting sources and angles, you create depth and intrigue in a space. While not every room needs numerous light sources, doing so in large rooms that will entertain the majority of your guests provides your home with a feeling or emotion, like it or not. Lighting can highlight grandiose elements, provide a serene space, create an intimate scene and more; by taking control of the effect different light sources have upon your space, you control much of the mood and emotion set by your home.

Clear Vision

While it is impossible to know in advance exactly what your local electrician can create with the current layout of your electrical panel and wiring, it is best to have a clear vision for the type of light you want to use and its general location. We advise that you have priorities to negotiate with and compromise from the stem from your overall vision. Often, our electricians have ideas that elevate or embolden your ideas, but can only offer them when they have a clear understanding from the first meeting; be sure to have your basic vision and priorities ready to go before giving us a call.

Think Long Term

Down the line, you may want to add a feature that, for whatever reason, you can’t put in just yet. For instance, if you’re bringing in one of our local electricians to install new lighting for a kitchen renovation, you may want to consider future DIY projects that, while slight, add value to the kitchen; for instance, if you’re adding under-cabinet lighting, you can request the electrician make the box housing the wires accessible for future inner-cabinet or above-cabinet lighting, which would run on the same circuit (and switch) as your under-cabinet lighting. By keeping your eyes on your potential future desires, you can add value to your home without a return visit from our local electricians.

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