A picture of a tesla with a text overlay that reads "Is Tesla out?"

Companies that Could Overshadow Tesla With Electrical Vehicle Technology

Marin County is no stranger to the tech mogul, Elon Musk, and his super company, Tesla. The electric cars sold by this company offer what traditional vehicles never could: an electrical power source and efficiency. Today, engineering is pulling towards environmental friendliness and efficiency. It’s time to wave goodbye to gasoline and say hello to electrical power. As local electricians in Marin County who provide services for electrical vehicles, we’re keeping a special eye out for companies that might just overshadow Tesla.


Ford is America’s classic vehicle. Now that they’ve got a new CEO in place who is focused on the future and not preserving Ford’s classic roots, they’ll likely make waves in EV technology. In fact, they’re already setting up shop in Pittsburgh, PA, a city where techies and engineers alike are flooding with innovation. Will Ford relinquish its old-style vibe and make with the new? We’ll soon find out.


Das auto? More like Das electric. Volkswagen is a motor company that, although having foreign roots, has made a positive mark on the United States. Their chic and smooth cars are popular amongst all genres of people from those who are into show vehicles to people who need something a bit more practical. We’re no mechanics, just electricians, but we can predict that Volkswagen will surely find success in the EV market.


Toyota is a trusted vehicle company who has proven themselves with their safe, sturdy, and efficient vehicles. It’s hard not to feel safe in a Toyota. That being said, if people feel safe in their gasoline powered vehicles, they’re sure to also feel safe in an electrical vehicle by them. California loves their Priuses, and one powered sustainably will surely be accepted by the masses.


There are cars, and then there are Audis. These sports vehicles offer an unmatched level of prestige as they’re both sophisticated and well-made. Because those who subscribe to the finer things in life are also obligated to play their role in saving the planet, Audi made sure to jump on the electrical train. That way, there’s no excuse to go gasoline anymore.


The ultimate truck manufacturer has also made the transition from gasoline powered engines to electrical ones. While we’re not positive on how soon a sustainable Silverado will be on the market, we’re sure that their smaller, more compact cars will be navigating the roads in no time.


Believe it or not, Cadillac has made the move towards electric. Arguably one of the most recognized and sought after car brands out there, we’re surely excited to see an electrically powered Caddy driving down the boulevard at sunset. Can you think of anything better?

You’d be surprised how quickly we’ll begin to see electrical vehicles replacing their gasoline fueled predecessors. If you have one of these cars or are planning on purchasing one in the upcoming years, Divine Electric NorCal has you covered with electric car charger installations. Call us today for more information!