With the holidays scooting around the corner very quickly, you’ll have to consider putting up those electric Christmas lights to decorate your home. As is our duty as electrical contractors, we figured it was our job to weigh in on the debate between incandescent or, the inexpensive option, and LED. To be up front, the LED lights are going to be your best option. They offer much more in comparison to their original Christmas light counterparts.


The first thing everyone points to in reference to LEDs is how much they’ll save you on your electricity bill. We’re guessing people visualize those nasty old lights just fretting away money like it’s water. The truth is unless you’re a shopping mall using LED lighting instead of the traditional you aren’t going to see to see a difference in your electricity bill. If you were to switch to the better LED light bulbs for around your house you’ll see an improvement. But these lights will only be up for around a month, unless you’re one of those people who leaves them till next Halloween, you’re just not going to see LED make a huge dent in your bill.


As for the real benefits of using LED Christmas lighting, it’s currently estimated that an LED string of bulbs has around 10,000 to 50,000 hours of life. Since LEDs became the in vogue solution to lighting in 2009, nobody has had an opportunity to test their string of lights for that long. In comparison to the older model incandescent lights, the LED far outlast them. You can bring to mind Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation testing strings and strings of light for a single broken bulb and rest in comfort knowing that won’t be you if you spring for the new and improved LEDs.


When you purchase a new string of Christmas lights that are incandescent, you’re going to receive a few replacement bulbs, that’s because, over the next month of these puppies being in use, at least four of them are going to go out, they’ll wiggle loose or moisture will find a way in and ruin the bulb. With LED, the bulbs are exceptionally waterproof and don’t come with replacements because those bulbs in the string are the bulbs that will be in the strand for the next eternity that you will own this string of lights. The removable aspect of the other bulbs is often what breaks the strand anyway, it’s just a crease for water to sink in and for the wind to shake the bulb out.

Single Molded

This is the Christmas light innovation we’ve all been waiting for. Say that somehow- defying, time, space, and everyone who say that LED will never go out- an LED bulb malfunctions and turns off. With a single molded strand of LED, the whole strand will not go out. The rest of the bulbs will miraculously all still work. This point alone, we find to be the most convincing selling point of these fancy lights.


When they released LEDs, a piece of legislation started moving the Senate prohibiting the manufacture of incandescent. This doesn’t mean you’re not going to be able to buy them in the next year or so, it just means you won’t be able to buy replacement bulbs that you’ll inevitably need because of the kind of purchase you just made. So eventually, whether you like it or not, you’ll have to buy LED, or stop decorating your house for Christmas.

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