No one thinks of an electrician as the person you’d go to and ask advice about Valentine’s day. However, lighting is one of the most important aspects of setting any mood, including romantic ones. One thing your Marin electrician does know about is lighting. Ipso facto, your Divine Team knows quite a bit about a successful Valentines.

Romantic lighting creates the perfect feeling for nights in and relaxation. It’s not just for Valentines Day, but the holiday makes a great excuse to update your lighting. If you’re attracted to the idea of a more relaxed home as well as lighting that immediately sets the mood, you should look into certain updates like recessed lighting layouts and more.

Romantic Lighting Advantages

To begin, its a good idea to stay away from bright fluorescents and high wattage light bulbs. So, as cool as LEDs are, they probably aren’t your best option to proceed with. Try warmer colored light bulbs and look at the overall feeling of the room. If you’re trying to make a romantic environment, the best advice we have is to first think of a movie based off of a Jane Austin novel. All of these are purposely romantically lit to promote alertness, while also ensuring a certain de-stressing element. They complement the space with softly curving furniture, luxurious textures and lots of natural light. Always start with the natural light ratio, of which there should be mostly natural lighting in relation to non-natural, so you can catch those sunsets and the multicolored skis with your special someone. But, when the sun is finally gone over the horizon you should be prepared to offer dimmer lighting that’s extremely flattering to both you and your valentine. Studies have found that dimming light is actually capable of lowering blood pressure and stress levels on top of setting a mood. It’s better for your eyes to read in and is less likely to induce migraines or any other stress-related ailments.

The easiest way to tap into this kind of lighting, is by using simple fixtures and principles. Though it’s a dramatic statement piece, try a light fixture with a hook like a hanging lamp or chandelier. This provides flowy, gentle light to a room that’ll twinkle as you kiss. We’re kidding, of course, it can’t do that, but it will easily act as a mood setter and define the lighting of the space that’s distinctive and still attractive. If, however, you’re worried that buying a chandelier is something your sweetheart might not be too jived on. For example, if they hate french provincial decorating, then you might think of another major mood lighting option: recessed lighting.

Recessed Lighting Layouts

A subtle way of adding romantic lighting is by having a recessed lighting layout installed. You can use them as either uplighting or as downlighting, and in both respects, they act as a modern update to the same effect a chandelier or any lighting fixture with a hook. The installation of this kind of romantic lighting is a little more complicated than the previous suggestion, but it’s also the best way to update your lighting without making a huge deal out of it. After all, if it’s a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart, then it’s not a “house project” or a “scary investment,” it’s a thoughtful gift instead.

If you’re ready to spice up the house with some recessed lighting or need a new romantic chandelier wired, give your Marin County Electricians a call! Divine Electric would be happy to help you make your space more romantic, and assist with any renovation, whether it’s for you, or for that special someone. Contact us for more information, and feel free to check out our services.

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