1. The Electrician’s Opinion – How To Elevate The Lighting In Your Home – Part 2

    In our previous blog, we discussed how electricity came to shape our homes and our history. In this article, we’ll continue that discussion and start to break down how you can use lighting in your interior decor to make the absolute most out of each room and the contents of that room.  Lighting can play such an important part in your home. It’s more than just a tool to see the fine print in t…Read More

  2. The Electrician’s Opinion – How To Elevate The Lighting In Your Home

    If you’ve been playing the game sweeping the nation: Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re likely noticing the details in the game. Perhaps the open world is introducing you to vast, incredible landscapes that look a lot like the wilderness in Marin County’s backyard, or perhaps you’re looking at the strange technical innovations that were, in fact, available in 1899. As you’re riding your horse…Read More

  3. How To Choose The Best At Home Car Charging Station

    Did you know that, technically, you can charge your EV charger in the same regular old plug you can charge your phone in? You can also, technically, use a key and a kite to try and charge the car too, but we bet it would be about as effective as using mayonnaise for makeup. Instead, we recommend getting a real life, bonafide EV car charger installed. You see, charging your electric vehicle with th…Read More

  4. The Tesla 3 is Coming, Do You Have the Home Car Charging Station For It?

    To the surprise of almost no one, Tesla’s Model 3 has been selling like hot cakes this year. In fact, investors and the heads of the company alike actually believe they’ll exceed their initial sales projections for the game-changing electric vehicle. This is partly because the electric vehicle maker has figured out a way to increase their production in a meaningful fashion. Because it’s actu…Read More

  5. Why Tesla’s Struggles Might Prove Worrisome For Electric Car and Home EV Charger Evolutions

    For the sake of both Marin County and the Earth as a whole, Divine Electric really hopes that Tesla survives this tumultuous period. Like Forbes, we also believe that the large-scale transition to electric vehicles relies quite a bit on Tesla’s success as a company. Especially since the number of EVs sold by the end of this year alone will be around 60 percent Tesla vehicles. If the hope for EV …Read More

  6. The Future of Electric Cars and Home EV Charging Stations

    Being from Norcal, we sincerely doubt that our beautiful environment and earth-conscious folks will ever have to suffer a reality similar to Ridley Scott’s depressing L.A. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll have to rule out the coolest parts of his ultra futuristic designs, like the innovative vehicles that whizz by in both iterations of the Blade Runner universe. In fact, the future of home E…Read More

  7. Do Electric Cars and Home EV Chargers Save Money?

    You probably don’t consider it when you’re tallying up your expenses at the end of the month, but transportation is really a very expensive part of running a household. When combining the cost of gas, as well as the average need for maintenance on your car and the potential of needing to get a new one, you’re already looking at a pretty high cost. That’s not considering travel expenses for…Read More

  8. The Practicality of an Electric Car and a Home EV Charging Station

    Electric cars definitely seem like the car of the future. At this point though, they seem a lot like computers were in the 90s rather than truly viable replacements for your current transportation solution. So how do you combat the admittedly limited technological prowess of the current electric car race? The Battery Conundrum Unfortunately, as of this minute, electric cars aren’t the ideal road…Read More

  9. Local Electrician Digest: The Energy Revolution Coming To Marin County

    If you’re like many of the Marin County residents invested in the longevity of our planet you have most likely invested in an electric car. Though, just a few miles away, the city still looms as a polluting mass of buses and cars, despite the efforts of the environmentalists. With the recent news from the utility companies, that is all about to change. As your local electrician, we’re absolute…Read More

  10. Why Installing Electric Car Charging Stations Is Lucrative for Small Business

    As a business owner, you don’t have to be overly conscious of your environmental footprint to be interested in an electric car charging station. Recently, this amenity has started to become regarded as a definite perk over other businesses. As a small business, you have a definite advantage over your big corporate competitors in that you don’t have to run a decision past six or seven different…Read More