1. Four Reasons Why You Should Get A EV Home Charger Installed

    Electric vehicles gain more and more popularity each and every year. As the popularity rises, so will the charging stations that are out and about. This will eventually lead to waiting times for chargers that will be worse than gas station lines at peak hours. We know that this is something that you want to avoid, but without a home charger, it might be difficult to do so. This is just one of the …Read More

  2. The Best Luxury Electric Vehicles Worth Taking A Look At

    In the last Divine Electric blog, we went over what electric vehicles were in an affordable price range for many people, this time we will be taking a look at what luxury electric vehicles are out there in the wild that could be your next purchase if you can afford it. Remember we are your experts in installing EV home chargers in Marin county, so if you do buy an electric car, we are here to prov…Read More

  3. The Best Electric Car That Won’t Break The Bank

    Tesla isn’t the only go-to brand for all things electric anymore. It is still at the forefront of electric cars, there is no doubt about that, but other companies are beginning to throw their hats in the ring when it comes to the electric future. Some fully rely on electricity, like Tesla and others simply use it for a certain period of time and then switch to gas. This is opening up the market …Read More