1. Hanging A Swag Hook to Relocate a Ceiling Light

    If you think that the term swag is reserved for popstars and pirates, think again! The ceiling hooks that you may or may not have noticed to inexpensively relocate an off-center light fixture are referred to as swag hooks; today, your trusted local Marin County electricians will teach you how to safely hang a swag hook. Identifying Swag Hook Opportunities & Easily Installing Them First things …Read More

  2. Local Electricians That Inspectors Love

    Ah, renovations. The happiest times of your life can be boiled down to a few key moments: Graduating high school, moving out, meeting that special someone, the birth of your first child, and, of course, the day their first (and last) renovation was completed. The thing with renovations is that they have this funny tendency to overstay their welcome; the largest reason that homeowner renovations st…Read More

  3. More Electrician Lighting Layout Tips

    In our previous blog, we addressed how to begin laying out your lighting before working with our local electricians to rough in the wiring that will support that vision; today, we’ll give you more tools to better achieve that goal by going a bit more into the specifics of different lighting types, styles, and effects that you have to consider. Planning Light Fixtures Uplighting vs. Downlighting …Read More

  4. Laying Out Lighting

    Whether you’re renovating your current home, building a new one, or just trying to bring some much-needed life to your home’s lighting, you’ll need to carefully plan out the future of your home’s lighting with a local electrician. Contact Divine Electric, Marin County’s most trusted source for experienced local electricians. Optimizing Your Home’s Lighting Know What’s Possible While …Read More

  5. Replacing House Wiring

    Nobody wants to find out that they need to update their home’s wiring out of the blue. It isn’t a good feeling, and often can be a large hit to a household’s budget if they are caught off guard. By knowing when or why wiring needs to be replaced, we hope to help Marin County residents in making informed, safe decisions for their family. Safety Issues There are a few safety issues that can pr…Read More

  6. GFCI Outlets & Kitchen Islands

    According the NEC (National Electrical Code), GFCI outlets should exist entirely throughout the kitchen, including on a standalone kitchen island. The interesting thing about this, is that the kitchen island is largely up for interpretation, may or may not contain a sink, and is influenced by other factors that make this a debatable point for many electricians, home inspectors, and realtors. Go Wi…Read More

  7. Hiring a Contractor? First Ask These 5 Questions

    As Marin County’s premier local source for licensed and insured electricians, we have the knowledge necessary to help local families safely select contractors to work on their home. Whether you’re working with Divine Electric, or any other Marin County electricians, be sure to consider requesting these things from any and all contractors you consider hiring: Hire only state-licensed contractor…Read More

  8. Always Use Permits & Inspections, Part 2

    In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of always using permits and inspections for any electrical home modifications. Since most large-scale home improvement projects involve installing electrical components in some way, this means permits and inspections are highly necessary. In addition to keeping your home’s value and your family safe, there are other reasons that you should always…Read More

  9. Always Use Permits & Inspections

    Planning a renovation or change in your home is an exciting time. There are a lot of odds and ends to look after whenever you take on any home project. With these come a lot of opportunities for increasing the value of your home, both to your family and to any future buyers. However, there are also potential pitfalls to avoid as well, and it often seems far easier to make mistakes than to fix them…Read More

  10. Landscape Lighting Strategies

    When laying out landscape lighting, a clear vision is necessary to ensure that the effect increases curb appeal, safety, and the value of your home. When done correctly, landscape and home lighting can greatly increase your home’s wow factor. To ensure that your future landscape lighting project is a success consider these simple tips: Assess The Usage Do you intend to use your outdoor space at …Read More