1. Why Installing Electric Car Charging Stations Is Lucrative for Small Business

    As a business owner, you don’t have to be overly conscious of your environmental footprint to be interested in an electric car charging station. Recently, this amenity has started to become regarded as a definite perk over other businesses. As a small business, you have a definite advantage over your big corporate competitors in that you don’t have to run a decision past six or seven different…Read More

  2. Advice From A Master Electrician: Will Certain Lighting Cause Retina Stress?

    Among many circles, it is accepted that artificial night-time lighting appliances can cause various adverse health side-effects in both humans and animals. In fact, there have been studies that prove that exposure to optical radiation can have effects on human physiology and behavior. But there is a need for much more research to be conducted before we go jumping to conclusions about the effects t…Read More

  3. Divine Electrical’s Valentines Day Advice

    No one thinks of an electrician as the person you’d go to and ask advice about Valentine's day. However, lighting is one of the most important aspects of setting any mood, including romantic ones. One thing your Marin electrician does know about is lighting. Ipso facto, your Divine Team knows quite a bit about a successful Valentines. Romantic lighting creates the perfect feeling for nights in a…Read More

  4. Outdoor Lighting

    With the winter weighing heavy on our minds, and with all of us suffering vitamin-D deficiencies, it’s hard not to think of the outdoors being lovely and summery and what landscaping projects you can take on to optimize the livability of your backyard. Thus, we figured we’d hit you before the rest of the home improvement blogs and chat about what your spring and summer yard can look like with …Read More

  5. Holiday Lights: LED v. Incandescent

    With the holidays scooting around the corner very quickly, you’ll have to consider putting up those electric Christmas lights to decorate your home. As is our duty as electrical contractors, we figured it was our job to weigh in on the debate between incandescent or, the inexpensive option, and LED. To be up front, the LED lights are going to be your best option. They offer much more in comparis…Read More

  6. Is Tesla Out?

    Companies that Could Overshadow Tesla With Electrical Vehicle Technology Marin County is no stranger to the tech mogul, Elon Musk, and his super company, Tesla. The electric cars sold by this company offer what traditional vehicles never could: an electrical power source and efficiency. Today, engineering is pulling towards environmental friendliness and efficiency. It’s time to wave goodbye to …Read More

  7. Your Electricity After a Flood

    Assessing electrical systems after a flood Greetings people of Marin County and welcome back to the best electrical blog on the west coast. If you’ve been paying attention to pretty much any outlet of news, then you’re probably well aware of how Mother Nature has quite literally been smacking the crap out of the United States. Between the devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida, and the ra…Read More

  8. Upgrades to Lower Your Electricity Bill

    Consider These Electrical Upgrades to Lower Your Electricity Bill and Save Energy Hey there both residents of Marin County and stragglers alike, welcome back to the Divine Electric NorCal blog. In previous posts, we’ve chatted about things like why to choose an electrical vehicle and why our electrical company is absolutely divine. Our electrical company is passionate about serving people with o…Read More

  9. What’s So Divine about a Local Electrician?

    Why Our Local Electricians are so Special Who do you call when your lights are flickering and there’s no ghost to blame? Who do you send for when your electricity isn’t turning back on? Who is going to come to solve all of your electrical problems? Certainly not good ole’ grandma, though she is wonderful. Unless you’re living off of firewood and kerosene lamps, then your home is probably p…Read More

  10. The Difference between LED and Incandescent

    LED vs Incandescent: Is there really a difference? If you own or rent a home, you’ve probably come across the task of having to pay an electric bill or changing a light bulb. But how many times have you wondered about what goes into the lightbulbs that you use? Not all lights are built the same and with the growing popularity of LED lights, you’re probably wondering which one might be preferab…Read More