In July of 2008, Darin Divine had already been racing at the elite level for almost ten years. Uninspired by the local team scene, he knew his unique attitude would be better served if he took control and formed his own team – one with style, edge, and attitude to spare. Divine Electric Norcal Racing was born and, as it turned out, people were buying what he was selling. It started with almost 30 local men and women who shared Darin’s desire to escape a stale cycling scene and become a part of a tight knit racing and cycling community. A community that could still be a strong force in racing, but do so as they pleased without anything being “team mandatory”. Divine Electric Norcal Racing offered support to all the fit, free-thinkers and stylish folks on two wheels.

Divine Electric Norcal Racing’s first marketing branded the team as a “bad ass, well dressed gentlemen’s club.” The philosophy is two-pronged: ride or race your bike in whatever capacity you desire, while cementing a business and social network with like-minded, local individuals. Since its inception, the group has swelled to around 100 members. They include elite racers, masters riders, and dozens of weekend warriors, friends, and industry people.

Darin himself is still a competitive cyclist, but you don’t have to race to fly the colors. As he said in the early days: “If you want to race for Divine Electric Norcal – that’s awesome! If you already belong to a team and just want to rock the kit occasionally – that’s awesome! If you never want to race and just want to rock the kit – that’s awesome! It’s all about building a brotherhood and business networking.”

Divine Electric Norcal Racing is now an established group of well-known riders and respected community members. It’s a cohesive mix of racers, weekly training friends, and business people. We are the Dillingers, rocking the super clean, super fly kits and with our own unique style, brand, and attitude it has become infectious.

We have bonded as friends, teammates, and training partners. We are recognized as the chic, the strong, and the independent. We do things our own way, and we welcome anyone who wants to bail on the old guard and get in with the Divine Electric Norcal Racing engine.


My team philosophy is simple: Radical Inclusion. Everybody’s special. If you think you have what it takes to rock the Divine Electric Norcal Racing colors – then guess what? You do!

I’m looking to bring out the solid, friendly ‘brand ambassador’ in all of us for my business and the teams sponsors. And in return I do my best to hook you up with top notch euro kits and product deals and some great group rides.

I hope to have you join us. Contact me at

Darin Divine 


** In his spare time, Darin Divine runs Divine Electric Norcal the top electrician in the Marin County area, including Belvedere, Terra Linda and San Rafael. Contact us if you’re in need of a Tesla charger or just general electrician work. We’re happy to help however we can.