Divine Electric is committed to having a solution for each and every one of our customer’s needs. Our certified technicians will take the time to listen and understand your home, you as the customer and your project. We will offer two “Premium”, two “Basic”, and two “economy” options for your projects. It is up you as the customer to choose what’s best for you.

You may be wondering:

Q: ‘Why not bill me on a time and materials basis?’
A: We don’t think it’s fair for you to wait until the very end of the project before you know the whole cost of the project. All of our project costs are stated before we get started.

Q: ‘Will you charge more if you into any delays?’
A: Our final price is what we say it is before we get started. We do have to charge a little more, but we absorb any inefficiencies in the way we do our projects – not the customer.

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